When I realized that for 20 years I had hated myself for being Asian, I got real angry at stereotypes, white people, and anyone else who perpetuated forms of oppression.

I still feel like if I make any mistakes while driving, other people are automatically going to think, “Ugh Asians and Women are the worst drivers.” We’re born into a society where we carry the burden of representing entire groups of people.

I was mad at the sexualization/exoticization of Asian women, no matter how we dress, or how we wear our hair, or what kind of accent we have.

I was mad at myself for not realizing and acting sooner.

And so I was your classic social justice warrior stereotype – I was learning, mad about what I was learning, and I had a lot of misplaced aggressions. But it was also a great time to channel those emotions into my artwork. And thus, Generalizasian was born.