On Being Asian and Dead

Currently working on this series with Trina Fernandez, who I collaborated with in college to do a kick-ass Generalizasian gallery exhibit. Originally we were going to create a zine, but I work so slowly it’s probably not gonna happen. It’s just another similar but different evolution of my core series.


I have loved Nubbins ever since she got me banned from the Sacramento State University Art Department Facebook page (I was organizing an Artsy Fartsy get-together of art students and she was on the flyer – the chair of the department wrote me a letter about how it detracted from important posts on the page lol).

She started out as a joke about the objectification of women, innocence and naivety, and a slight reference to ero guro art. Her eyes are where boobs might be, her mouth is where a belly button may be. Her hands and feet are bandaged, maybe amputated. I mostly drew her slapping her butt playfully.


How could I not draw Trump being a little shit? I also included Trudeau because while he’s everyone’s pop star politician, he’s got bad environmental policies, and I think he’s just good at talking the talk.


I did a series of cheap digital portrait commissions from 2013 to 2015. Here’s a sampling of them.