You know who you should follow on Instagram? @theaznroom.

Why follow? Because it’s Trina and I building up towards our open studio tour in September, aka a weekend-long exhibit in Trina’s backyard.

Why “the aZn room”? Because that’s the space we’ve claimed to comfortably be whatever it is we define as the “Asian” part of our Asian American identities. When we confine ourselves to our room, we can explore what it is to NOT:

  • Speak our native languages
  • Understand why we can’t be just American
  • Want to be just American
  • Understand why our families did what they did
  • Be embarrassed about our smelly food or more efficient brooms
  • Compartmentalize to cope and survive

… the room is infinite, the world outside is even greater, and the space between is what we dare to tread. Of course, most of it is nonsensically poking fun at stereotypes – and we revel in it. (lol)

So obviously you should follow us.

Beyond our individual work, we’re also working on a dope series of commercials advertising for this show. Look forward to our top-of-the-charts hit single music video, a home shopping network preview of our work, and more for the limited-time-only low, low price of $Follow @theaznroom.