ON THE JOB FRONT: I’ve been really happy so far about my new job as an IT Help Desk Jr. Analyst. I get anxious because the learning curve is pretty steep, but it’s very exciting and everyone’s real kind. And as I’ve said like a broken record to my partner, I love working from home. I miss my standing desk, but it is pretty much exactly as I always dreamed it would be.

Core perks of working from home:

  1. Don’t have to smell anyone else’s poops
  2. Don’t have to worry about whose pubes are on the toilet seat
  3. No constantly draining face-to-face interaction
  4. Easy to cook my own food for breakfast/lunch
  5. No commute

ON THE ART FRONT: I definitely only did 16 drawings so far of 100, but that’s probably 16 more drawings than I would have made without setting that goal. I also forgot to schedule the first interview with my parents, which I will do shortly after publishing this post. I’ve updated my progress here in case you’re interested. I’ve got a lot to do this weekend!

ON THE FLATULENT FRONT: I woke myself up twice twice in the past week because my farts smelled so bad. Just thought you should know.

ON THE RELIGIOUS THEMES IN MY GOD GIRL SERIES FRONT: I didn’t think about Christian God as ambiguously good/bad in relation to Norse Gods (although really my only knowledge of Norse Gods extends to Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology, which you should definitely LISTEN to because it’s so good and he’s a great reader, and Marvel comics). I really like the ambiguity of morals in Norse Mythology, as told by Neil Gaiman. But I never thought about how Christian God can be like that, too. Depending on what sect you’re in, he could be totally different things. He could be a benevolent and kind God. He could be a wrathful God who breathes punishment. He could be that paternal figure who suggests how you live your life and gives you potential consequences, such as girl you’ll turn into a salt pile if you look back at that fire, or if you do this totally random thing, I’m gonna need you to kill your daughter as a sacrifice to me, your papa pal guy God. It’s still mostly scary to me to create this singular omnipresent dude in the sky that’s always kind of rooting for humanity’s fight against that cool dude with the horns beep beep Richie. Do what you gotta do, believe what you gotta believe to do the right thing, I guess… but what scares me is the inability to do what’s right without a God threatening consequences at you. The lack of critical thought is what scares me, not that people who have some kind of faith in something don’t have the ability to think critically, but I think most people… choose not to think critically when it comes to morals and ethics, etc. Even if they’re super intelligent in other subjects. Not saying I’m a saint either. –God Girl