I definitely didn’t meet my goal, but I produced 15 more drawings than I would have normally done so, so I feel pretty good about that. An assignment with a deadline is definitely necessary for me to get my ass off the floor (here’s an image of me scooting my ass on the floor _______&). I guess I also can’t expect to meet a deadline, but to be fair, that was a pretty ambitious assignment having been out of school for 6 years now (not counting community college courses). Having deadlines made me check-in more frequently with myself, my drawings, and my calendar, which I found useful and productive rather than wandering aimlessly through the ether of living life at a minimum level of productivity (not that wandering aimlessly isn’t okay every now and then).

What was also helpful was creating a sheet of thumbnails sketches to brainstorm ideas for larger pieces. I like tiny thumbnails because I don’t get the anxiety that comes with committing to larger blank canvases. With the 15 drawings I have now, I’m hoping to choose a few to re-create and refine on a larger scale. I should probably add that to my timeline or else I might not get that done lol

Here’s some awful photos of the 15 and a few sketches: