It was a noon on a Friday and the brain fog had long ago settled in. I didn’t have any food in my fridge, so I thought, “Why not treat yourself to a Postmates lunch today?” Maybe something healthy like a Pronto’s farmers market salad, one of my favorite meals (and I’m not usually keen on salads). But what about my ex-lover, the Asian Chicken Wrap from Togo’s?

There was a Togo’s on my college campus that I used to Go To all the time for that Asian Chicken Wrap (*ahem* I remember it being called an Asian Chicken Salad Wrap). It’s like a cold, stiff burrito I can kid myself into thinking is healthy if I ignore all the Asian salad dressing leaking out of the bottom end (to be fair, it is comparably healthy). I remember the refreshing almost-zero-nutritional-value iceberg lettuce paired with fried wonton sticks, expertly wrapped in a spinach tortilla and cut in half just enough to satisfyingly rip it apart after unwrapping the gift of a healthier-alternative fast food corporation. A side note of this memory is that one of my residents (I was a Resident Advisor, aka RA) worked there, so it was fun to see her every now and then (our joke was yelling, “STOP FOLLOWING ME” every time we saw each other anywhere… I’m not sure why, but you can trust me when I assure you it was funny).

So yes, I did spend $10 on a Togo’s wrap with the standard Postmates fees. And yes, it was just as good as I remember it, though it was a little less expertly wrapped, a little poorly cut in half so I had a hard time ripping it apart evenly, and I did almost eat a piece of the wrapper. And yes, it did give me the poops for the rest of the day. Three additional poops in addition to the regular poop, and a mild tummy ache on the side. That didn’t stop me from eating mildly undercooked pork from an overly packaging-wasteful cook-it-your-damn-self company and a CREAM brownie ice cream sandwich later on. The Asian Chicken Wrap is still one of my favorite meals. I knew what I was signing up for, and I paid the price. Would I do it again? Yes. Even with those spicy poops? Yup.

And that’s a wrap.