It’s pronounced Hell-shaw, kind of like Hells Yeah!


  • Delicious food and clean water are precious.
  • We need to fight for an equitable society AND a livable planet.
  • Intersectionality is an annoying academic term and it’s not always cross-cultural, but it’s important to listen to friends, enemies, and strangers, and to be open to the different dynamics of identity politics always at play.
  • If you say the wrong gender pronoun, just quickly correct and move on instead of making a big fuss about apologizing and reinforcing a negative emotion around learning new gender pronouns.

The Short Story

I love my day job working for a non-profit and a cause I care about, but it’s exhausting, so I don’t do as much art as I’d like. Very slowly I am getting back to making art.

The Long Story

During my college years, I had a sad realization of internalized racism–I had hated being Asian for like 20 years of my life. I went through the whole angry academic social justice phase, which helped me develop my first series, Generalizasian. After that, I got real quiet and depressed, which led me to my second series, Frustrasian. (Yup, I do run puns past their useful life).

Now I’m slowly tinkering with a third series, God Girl, which features a powerful Asian God girl alongside the characters of Skeleton Space Man and the Sleep Walker. I’m kind of going for a Holy Trinity kind of thing, but also need to pick up a Bible again at some point (I was raised Christian, but chose to flush that nonsense down the toilet in my later years to my dear mum’s dismay).

Beyond that, I’m working on a comedic coworker fan fiction comic, learning how to code, and trying not to be garbage.


Do you do commissions or collaborations?

Sometimes. Send me what you’re thinking about and I’ll let you know if I can/will do it.

How much do you charge?

Depends on how long I think your project will take me.

What kind of commissions have you done in the past?

Digital/traditional portraits, clay sculptures, event outreach materials, button illustrations, Snapchat filters, hoodie designs…

Contact Me

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