100 Drawings Reflection

I definitely didn’t meet my goal, but I produced 15 more drawings than I would have normally done so, so I feel pretty good about that. An assignment with a deadline is definitely necessary for me to get my ass off the floor (here’s an image of me scooting my ass on the floor _______&). I guess I also can’t expect to meet a deadline, but to be fair, that was a pretty ambitious assignment having been out of school for 6 years now (not counting community college courses). Having deadlines made me check-in more frequently with myself, my drawings, and my calendar, which I found useful and productive rather than wandering aimlessly through the ether of living life at a minimum level of productivity (not that wandering aimlessly isn’t okay every now and then).

What was also helpful was creating a sheet of thumbnails sketches to brainstorm ideas for larger pieces. I like tiny thumbnails because I don’t get the anxiety that comes with committing to larger blank canvases. With the 15 drawings I have now, I’m hoping to choose a few to re-create and refine on a larger scale. I should probably add that to my timeline¬†or else I might not get that done lol

Here’s some awful photos of the 15 and a few sketches:

This is not an art update. (well actually…)

Goodbye Forever

PPAC gave me a great farewell on Friday by having meat cake catered, aka meatloaf that I love from Selland’s. They endured my Karaoke list on Spotify, which includes hits like All Star by ShreSmash Mouth, Photograph by Nickelback, In the End by Linkin Park, Complicated by Avril Lavigne, etc. They also let me show them several memes on YouTube, including Noot Noot, Shrek, and Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti.

After packing up and heading home, I headed straight to Trina’s to grab Bon Chon, aka delicious props for of the shots in our #aZnroom music video. Lots of fun filming.


Today I finally got off my ass and went to Zumba in the morning, then headed out to host an Artsy Fartsy reunion among old art classmates.

ICYMI: Back in college, I organized several Artsy Fartsy get-togethers, but the flyer for one of them had my Nubbinz character farting, which one of the Art Department administrators did not like. I had posted the flyer to the Art Department website (it made sense because it was an event for art students?), but then it got taken down, I was banned from the page, and then promptly received a notification from the chair of the department telling me that my post was vulgar and distracted from the real purpose of the Facebook page. This seems to happen to me pretty frequently for some reason. Anyway, I then launched war in the form of rogue art exhibits. There was a pizza art exhibit on the hallway cork boards and a whole lot of butts going around. One of my professors then decided to take up half of a much-needed pre-finals review session to berate me in front of the class lol.

Anyway, it was refreshing to meet up with my old classmates and see how they’re doing. Here’s our group photo!

THEN I got home and received a package my now former coworkers sent as a going-away gift: Shrek slippers. THE BEST. Ogrewhelmed with gratitude.

Annnnnddd then I spent the rest of the day cleaning instead of doing art, so I’m extremely behind in my 100 drawings wamp wamp. Here’s the 3 out of 5 I’ve done so far lol:

SJAM is my JAM

Last week I got a chance to check out the new exhibits at the San Jose Art Museum, which I love so obviously you should go to it immediately. Below is a sketch I made in their interactive portion of the Raimonds Staprans exhibit. But my favorite exhibit was actually The House Imaginary, which explored definitions of what a house is / is not. I’m terrible at documenting my favorite pieces, but there was one made of fabric that looked like the ghost of a large traditional Korean archway. It referred to how in Korea they’ll tear down really old, historic architecture and replace it with modern buildings. There was a window cast from when an artist cast the entire interior of an old, decrepit house. And there were some prints of the room layouts in different homes another artist previously lived in. Really fascinating work on displacement, memory, etc. Go see it while you can! The exhibit runs until August!